bLog aLErT!!

watch out frens!!
i'll be posting a new column in my blog..
labelled "how i'm related to..."
it will be the stories about songs, movies, dramas, pictures, etc that are related in my life..
things that remind me of something..
funny or sad..
i'll be posting it soon..
watch the label!!

~the L.i.F.E cycle~


i'm about 2 talk about our life cycle...

first when we were born...mum n dad were d happiest people in d world..

they raised us with LOve and shower us with all the joy a child deserve to get..

they sent us to the best school in town so that we will get the best education..

finally it depends on us to achieve success after all the supports from our parents..

we grew up..

got ourselves to further studies locally or abroad..

for some lucky people, they have the brain plus financial support to study abroad..

but for those who are not thaT lucky, we are thankful enough to get into local universities..

we study engineering, medicals n others..

after 5 or 6 we're in the working community..

mum n dad are still the most happy person in the world..not to forget, proud that their little child have grown up to be someone..but we are always their "little child"..

we become what we dream to be..a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, even an astronaut!

to complete our life, some of us have found someone that they call "SOULMATE"..

some are still searching..and some never found their soulmate..

one of the thing that are labelled as "Mistery" in our life..

i believe in soulmate..

that someone out there is meant for me..

i dont know if i have met him..maybe not..maybe yes..

but whoever he is..

he is also searching for me..

n when the time comes..we will be in the same place at the same time..

some people are tired of waiting for the one..

some dont believe in such thing as soulmate..

but if we can be patient for a little more..

believe in our destiny..

it will complete our life cycle..

n when they arrive..we never realise it..n things will fall in the right place..

then we know it is worth waiting for..

n we will be thankful for what God has planned for us..

n our journey continues with him..

to complete our life cycle..

yet to start another life cycle..


bUzz buZz...!!!

i gain back my mood out of nowhere..
which was good!
and i'm back to business!
actually it turned out 2 be a busy week!
and i'm drained!!


helplessly LAZY!!!

wut can i say..?
apsal la aku malas bebenor minggu ni..??!
keje hampeh xgerak2..
n i think this is the loooooongest week of my life!!!
n minggu ni aku asyik surf internet je....merapu2...
x sabar nk weekend...
nak cr mood blk...


my Long LoSt f.r.i.e.n.d...

tanpa disangka2, aku menerima 1 kunjungan dr seorg sahabat yg dh lame gler aku xdgr kaba berita....
bespren aku ms kt UTM, norfariza rosnan a.k.a JAJA!!
rindu gler kt die!!!!! dah selamat jd isteri org skrg...alhamdulillah....
smpt la bercerita progress idup msg2...
rindunye zaman blaja dlu2....
mcm2 kenangan...huhu....


my 1st blog!!

TADAAA!!!! finally my own blog..
hmm...dunno what 2 say yet..but maybe later..
anyway juz wanna wish all Selamat Berpuasa!!
jgn ponteng puase ye... =)