home COMING..

coming back..seems i've been gone for nearly a year..gosh...
of many things happened in my life..believe latest issue was having new pets in my home..yay!! :) i juz bought a pair of HAMSTERS..
i bought them last week -15 may 2008- at the petshop near my office..actually i was planning to buy mice cos they were so cute with big ears n spotty furrs..they also only cost RM3 me n bf (new 2 this bf, Irman Haizal Sulaiman..) planned our budget on the mice..
after work, we went straight to the petshop n see what the equipments to buy n asked the shop keeper..when we told him we're going to buy mice, he suggested us to buy a pair of a cheap price since it was sold back by its owner..they just cost us RM25 - a pair of hamsters complete with its home..damn cheap!!so..without much thinking,we bought the hamsters..we also bought other stuffs like their food, drinking bottle, bathsand,etc..overall, it costs us less than RM50..if we buy hamsters n home,it will cost us more than that..a hamster is RM18 each, the home is RM38 at least n plus the other stuffs..we bought them cheap!! good consumers huh?? hehe
i'm so excited..the last time i had a pet was Kakak, our kitty cat..since she went away, we didn't have any pets..quite with these hamsties, named Robert n Kimberly ~ my sis gave those names ~, it's exciting to see them..
hope these hamsties can multiply soon cos i never seen a baby hamster before..must be cute.. =)

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marny said...

Mane pix of them??

nak tgk!!