Wonder how it will end…

If u ever got yourself stucked in a dead end position and u cannot turn back, what will u do? It is something I've been wondering for so long now. I'm in a complete mess and yes, nobody can help me. All I can do is to pray for a better tomorrow and enjoying a happy ending in the end.

Lately I've been seeing my friends getting married, having kids and more to entering new phase of life, having their own family. It's great to see people keep moving forward and enjoying every bits of their life. Yet to me, I'm still in the old phase, in the same place where it seems like a dead end and I'm doomed!

I have completed a few parts in my life cycle. Went to school, boarding school, got myself into university, enjoying the life of student, graduated and now in the working world. Attached to someone that is so loving but yet, I could not go to the next stage. I'm stuck!

Done some mistakes before, took a wrong step, did something foolish which I seem to regret today and still cannot escape from a place that sucked me from all of the great things in life. What can I do??


ilyana said...

"everyone is different" is a phrase used to say everyone is unique.

enjoy ur life.. =)

y U s n i R a said...

yep.. everyone is different with different destiny.. maybe i'll be somewhere too.. soon.. =)