things that i dont understand..

some people juz doesn't realize that they have been an asshole or a pain in the ass.. for some undefined reasons or circumstances, i juz couldn't believe that there were these kind of people surrounded me!
in some situation, i juz feel like i want to talk to these assholes face to face, ask them what do they really want and yes, i want to SLAP them silly!! (damn.. i'm so furious rite now!)
anyway, what i think is that i will one of the assholes if i act like them. so, i rather shut myself up and cool down.. take a deep breath and yes, talk to someone..
ok.. some might know who are these assholes and they know why i called them assholes.. becos they are!!
so.. for those assholes out there, i juz hope u realize u r such an asshole.. i know u thought u r the best in the world, the nicest people on planet earth, everybody hates u guys but yuck! u r a bunch of losers that never wake up and doesn't have any life!!!