1st entry for the nu year

hello!! ok.. this is my 1st post for the nu year.. =)

well.. meby i shud write some of my achievements n disappointments throughout 2009.. actually nk disappointments tu xde la sgt.. more to loss or things i didnt achieve as planned..

ok.. lets start with achievements.. in chronological order..

  • engaged on 4th april: this was beyond my expectation.. it was unplanned n last minute.. but anyway.. it went on smoothly and thanx to my family n some close friends, i appreciated your supports n wishes XD
  • new job! =) : this was the major break of the year!!! it was my dream come true to quit my previous job in rpm n got a position in the gov. though it was only contract basis, but it was a total blessing! guess this was one of the thing that ppl said as rezeki btunang.. hehe
  • home: yep.. i was posted to my hometown, kuala terengganu.. yesssS!!! after being away from home since form 4, now i get the chance to be home!!!! of course mum n dad was happy that i'll be working here in terengganu.. XD
  • fasting home: yet another home event.. fasting home is the best! yeah!!!
now.. losses along the way..
  • ok... i'm counting these as losses cos i was left behind.. friends in rpm leaving one by one every month starting march.. march; syida got a new job somewhere in shah alam.. she was one of my close friends in rpm.. we both started working in rpm since 2007.. then in april, irman got a better job in medan damansara.. i encouraged him to apply n was happy that he got the job.. in may, amar went MIA.. we bonded really well but good for him, he's now in petronas.. proud of u man! then in june, one of my interns, zie, finally finished her 6-month internship in rpm.. also one of my close friends in rpm.. she's like my little sister n in some ways, shared the same values with me.. finally in july, i was the one who left rpm for good! many things i experienced in rpm, shared my part of laugh n tears but i was definitely excited leaving rpm.. haha! rpm wasn't the way it is the first time i got there.. i hate the atmosphere in rpm the last days i were there..
  • for the first time in my life, i lost my handphone!! damn! my mistake n i was careless.. i didn't believe it at first but had to accept the fact..
  • just a few days before the year ended, my beloved hamster died. i named him Pirate for his one-eyed feature.. he wasn't born with one eye but he was attacked by his mother, Lucy. we noticed he was attacked after hearing noise from the cage n found him bleeding.. Pirate was the earliest batch of Lucy n Robert's offspring.. since then, he only had his right eye n afraid to be around with other hamsters.. so i bought him a separate cage, smaller but we called it 'the bungalow' since it is a two-storey cage.. he was the fattest of all becos he doesn't have to share his food with others.. i guess i spoilt him and gave most attention to him compared to others.. well.. his OKU n he deserved the treatment.. =) he died on the afternoon of 26th dec 2009.. he was sick for a week n couldn't walk.. we have to feed him and change his place 3x a day.. on workdays, my sister Sasa brought him to dad's place where she work so she can take care of him.. i took my turn at nite.. the day he died, i fed him in the morning n cleaned him.. i noticed he's gone when i was about to feed him in the afternoon.. i burried him next to dad's chilli tree.. he was 1 n half year when he died.. RIP
  • nothing else i guess.. lupa dah.. huhuhu
hmmm... that's all i guess... gmbr hamster kat atas ni bkn pirate.. mak x bg amik gmbr pet kt umh sbb mak ckp nnt mati or ilang.. sounds superstitious tp ade gak btulnye.. ble pkr2 blk, br aku ingt adik aku, ayie pnah snap gmbr pirate.. malaun btul!

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