Everyday is a new day. Yet everyday emerges new problems to be solved, new issues to be raised and new extra works to be finished. Gosh! Actually I'm piled up with works but I'm actually lost in the middle of nowhere not knowing how to finish my work and obviously didn't know where to start!!!

It's 12.42 pm and I'm still haven't finish up anything. I got works to be done and things are hazy! I don't know where to start and suddenly I had to replace other people's work and I'm completely lost!!!This is not my productive week at all. I need to submit things by tomorrow and I need someone to help me up. To begin with, I don't really understand what to do and I need someone to guide me!!!!!!!

Ok. Enough of this dizzy izzy thingy, I need to clear up my mind. Something came up and I need to focus on work for the time being. I need a nap. Just to clear up things. I hate doing things I don't understand....


OppsieDoppsie: Brought abah to clinic yesterday due to his swollen foot. Doc said it was caused by bronchitis. He need to stop smoking. Plus, his blood pressure was higher than the last time he checked. Reduce salty food. I guess he's bothered with some things back at home that cause all these. I'm worried. All of us.


Khairun said...


what i normally do when feelings like this strikes is to put all the works aside & relax for a while. kalau u mengadap pon bukannye leh wat.. hik hik

wanyusnira said...

hehe.. mmg pun.. i g baca paper n trn take a nap kat surau.. hehehe.. lps tu br ada idea n mood nk buat keje tu.. hehehe