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A friend once told me, don't go digging your partner's past life or you're the one left with the heart ache. I couldn't agree more. He's right. And I do think it's the best to keep what happened in our past from our partner.

My fiance, Irman was in a 7-year-relationship with his ex when I knew him. We were merely just colleagues back then and I was aware with his status. He often tells me about his girl of that time. And yes, it was something beyond my wildest imagination that one day I'll be his girl. Life is full of unexpected events right?

Well, we were good friends back then. Since we started dating, we just keep moving forward. In the early phase, I wasn't so sure that I made the right decision in making commitment with him. Realizing that he just broke up for three months and she was the one who decided to break off. There was a little insecurity that they might get back together again. But after he convinced me and explained on what happened between them, I believe there's nothing to loose. We moved forward together.

I did get a chance meeting his ex in their schoolmates' wedding. FYI, they went to the same secondary school back then. She didn't come and say Hi to him and he didn't make any eye-contact with her. And of course, she just ignore me. So, I guess my insecurity about them going back together is a no-no. I'm relieved.

So we never talk about our past relationship since that. He knew about my ex but we never talk about what happened between us. Unless I started to talk about it. And having him as a friend before going into a relationship was an advantage to both of us. We're not pretentious, honest and doesn't have to hide anything. Everything is natural and we don't have to act macho or pretty in front of each other just because we are now boyfriend and girlfriend. It's like we're around our friends. We can laugh out loud and go crazy without worrying are my hair on the right place? or am I laughing too loud? or did I eat too much just now? We can be our own selves. Without worries.

But some people decided to go through all the hassles and dig about their partner's past relationships. I still don't get it. Why must we go through all the tiny details about what our partner did in their past just to get our heart crushed that they might savor a bit of their memories of the past relationship in today's life?

We live for the future. Not for what we had in the past. Our past is history. And it depends on how you see the past. I cherished what I had before. It was my learning curve. I learned about friends, life, relationship and people around me. It taught me to make decisions today. And we learn best from our experience. That is how I see my past. Also Irman's past. He had his own learning curve. Things that taught him of life. And I don't want to bother about what he had with his past girlfriends. Whether he still remember them once in a while or whatsoever. Whether they wish him Happy Birthday on his birthdays or says Hi once in a while. Because I strongly believe that both of us know where our heart is. We believe in each other. It doesn't matter how far we are apart and how busy our day is, we have faith in each other.

For the some people that I mentioned earlier, they have this insecurities. Of that their partner still didn't forget their past relationships. That they still keep the memories together. We cannot erase memories. Unless you knock off their head hard enough to make them forget the memories. Which is ridiculous. I don't think this should be an issue and start a fight with your partner about the past. I believe even the some people refuse to erase the memories if they were given a choice. You cannot force people to just forget things. But if you own the device from Eraser, then things come in handy. :p

Anyway, these some people who had these insecurities about their relationship with their partner should realize that their partner had made the commitment with them. And for those who are married, you should believe in your partner. And yourself. Believe that your partner married you for who you are. If they couldn't let go of the past, they won't be marrying you for god sake! Why should you bother about what happened in the past? To start a fight about someone who came before you is so stupid. You don't even exist in their life back then. You haven't cross each others path back then. So why should you bother on things where you're not in the same time line?

It will be a different story if your partner cheats on you with someone you know. At least that is something worth fighting for. And if your partner's ex already had their own life with their own family, that is another stupid thing you should bother. They are moving on with their own separate life. Have faith on your partner and your relationship. You'll respect each other more and the trust grew stronger. If you still have this insecurities it means you still doesn't know your partner well. Being a girlfriend or a wife doesn't stop you from being a friend to your boyfriend or husband. Be his best friend. Let down your ego, let off your guards and treat him as a friend. Things will be fun.

For the  some people out there. You are being stupid for fighting over on your partner's history. As if you don't have any history. Those people in the past are back then. You are what is now. If you can't live with the fact that you came in later in their life, pity on you. You should ask your partner if they had past relationships before making commitments. If you can't stand being the last in line, you should go find someone else with no history of previous relationships. Then you'll be the one and only. We are human. Not God. If we are God, then we can arrange our life to be the least complicated and hassle-free. Life without challenge.

And I kept a line from a Korean series which sounds something like this, "She is someone he worries once in a while". You are the one that doesn't come once in a while, but all of the time.

OppsieDoppsie: "Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman, but luckier is the woman who is the last love of a man"

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Last few days, aku ada upload gambar-gambar masa kat uni dulu. Beria belek album dan scan gambar-gambar kenangan kodak tu. Rindu. 

Dah 4 tahun tinggalkan alam kampus. Dulu tak sabar nak grad sebab malas nak study plus exam. Bosan. Nak kerja cari duit sendiri. Tapi bila dah upload gambar-gambar tu, semua cakap rindu nak balik ke zaman uni. Sape tak? 

Dan bila tengok balik gambar-gambar masa zaman muda-muda dulu (sekarang usia dah hampir angka 30), gambar masa 1st year paling kelakar. We were 18. Belasan tahun lagi masa tu. Masing-masing masih mencari identiti sendiri. Aku tak banyak berubah. Kecuali dari pakai spek ke pakai contact lens. Sekarang dah pakai spek balik. Haha. Malas nak pegang bijik mata pagi-pagi nak gi kerja. Dulu spek besar semacam. Sekarang dah bingkai tebal. Lawa la dari dulu. Pakaian tak banyak beza. Still dengan jeans dan tshirt. Takdela pakai jubah ke, ape. I didn't change much.

Dan dalam banyak benda yang kita rindu tu, mestila paling rindu kat kawan-kawan rapat kita. Terutamanya yang sehati sejiwa, susah senang bersama. Tak ramai kawan macam ni. Ada yang bergaduh dan things didn't turn out to be the same again. Ada yang masa senang je sama-sama, susah terus hilang. Ada kawan yang suka menumpang or kaki pow. Ada yang kita kongsi macam-macam cerita dengan mereka. Ada kawan-kawan merambu. Kawan-kawan gi makan. Kawan-kawan jogging. Kawan-kawan ketawa. I found so many kinds of different friends out there. I miss most of them :)

Aku memang ramai kawan masa kat uni. Aku bukan jenis yang ada just one friend that I'm stuck with. And I wasn't in a group of friends. Sebab aku tak suka being too dependent on only one group of people. Aku ada kawan kat kolej, kawan kat kelas, kawan-kawan rotu and of course some besties yang tak kira berapa kali kitorang bergaduh, mesti baik balik lepas tu. We forgive and forget. Lets not mention names here sebab nanti ada yang kecik hati kalo tak mention nama mereka kat sini. For my friends out there, you know who you are.

I also had a few events yang menyebabkan aku lebih suka bergerak sendiri. I mean being independent. starting the 4th year, aku start duk kat Kolej 11. Kolej untuk budak-budak rotu. So, since that aku banyak buat hal sendiri. I have my rotu friends and yes, they knew me very well. But friends come and go. Aku lagi suka berkawan dengan ramai orang rather than being in a group of friends. We get hurt less when we didn't get attach to particular people. Aku lagi suka hidup yang less complicated.

Aku rindu pergi kelas. Rindu jogging ke balai cerap. Rindu makan bakso kat kafe Kolej 11. Rindu pergi Jusco Taman U. Rindu makan cendawan goreng Pak Ali. Atau makan kat Mampir Meneh. Makan murah dan banyak. Kadang-kadang makan mewah kat Stulang or Restoran Singgah Selalu. Makan steamboat kat Dataran. Ronda-ronda naik motor pusing JB. Aku membonceng je. Hehe. Tengok wayang di City Square (CS). Mandi air terjun Kota Tinggi. Study week di Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah (PSZ). Habis exam berkemas untuk cuti sem. Tapi cuti sem aku kejap je sebab ada training rotu. Tapi tetap seronok pergi training. Wahhh... Rindunya suasana tu. RINDU KAWAN-KAWAN!!!!!

But after we graduated, those friends are still there. We're still contacted each other occasionally. Attend their weddings. Stay connected. And after a while, we realized we missed each other dearly. Forget the old scars, celebrate our life today. We only remember the happy moments. I really miss my friends. Our memories are cherished forever.

OppsieDoppsie: I'm dedicating this song to all my friends out there. Miss you guys!

Missing the good times,



Allah berfirman didalam sebuah hadith kudsi:

"Ketika Aku menciptakan seorang wanita, ia diharuskan untuk
menjadi seorang yang istimewa. Aku membuat bahunya cukup kuat
untuk menopang dunia; namun, harus cukup lembut untuk memberikan

"Aku memberikannya kekuatan dari dalam untuk
...mampu melahirkan anak dan menerima penolakan yang seringkali datang dari anak-anaknya."

"Aku memberinya kekerasan untuk
membuatnya tetap tegar ketika orang-orang lain menyerah, dan
mengasuh keluarganya dengan penderitaan dan kelelahan tanpa

"Aku memberinya kepekaan untuk mencintai
anak-anaknya dalam setiap keadaan, bahkan ketika anaknya bersikap
sangat menyakiti hatinya."

"Aku memberinya kekuatan untuk
mendukung suaminya dalam kegagalannya dan melengkapi dengan
tulang rusuk suaminya untuk melindungi hatinya." 

memberinya kebijaksanaan untuk mengetahui bahwa seorang suami yang
baik takkan pernah menyakiti isterinya, tetapi kadang menguji
kekuatannya dan ketetapan hatinya untuk berada disisi suaminya
tanpa ragu."

"Dan akhirnya, Aku memberinya air mata untuk
dititiskan. Ini adalah khusus miliknya untuk digunakan bilapun ia

"Kecantikan seorang wanita bukanlah dari
pakaian yang dikenakannya, susuk yang ia tampilkan, atau bagaimana
ia menyisir rambutnya. Kecantikan seorang wanita harus dilihat
dari matanya, kerana itulah pintu hatinya, tempat dimana cinta
itu ada." 

I'm A Lady :)


Si Sombong

"Kalau tak kenal nampak macam sombong". Tu la lebih kurang ayat yang aku terima dari sorang CFS masa seminar khamis lepas. Aku memang tak pernah borak pun ngan dia sebelum ni. Pagi tu masa breakfast aku join meja dia. Sebelum aku duduk dia dah tanya, "Orang Terengganu ke?" Aku cakap ye la. Kenapa? Dia tak jawab pulak soklan aku tu.

Dan kebetulan masa seminar tu, dia duduk sebelah aku. Baru je aku duduk dia bagi statement sombong tu. Nak kata terkejut tu takde la sebab aku memang sombong. Eh bukan. Sebab aku pernah dapat impression macam tu sebelum ni. Tapi for someone yang baru aku kenal tak sampai sejam dan dengan jujur dia cakap macam tu on my face, she was very bold. Ok. Tapi masa breakfast tu, dia ni memang banyak cakap. I guess she expects everyone to be a chatter box like her and for those who are not, they are stuck-up and snobbish. That's why she labeled me as "sombong" because I don't talk much with people I just met. Hpfhskjdk!

That wasn't the first time I heard people saying I'm "sombong". Kawan aku kat UTM, Zura pun at first cakap aku sombong. Hehe.. Sebab tu la ada pepatah tak kenal maka tak cinta kan? Masa tu, course aku ni SAP just ada 4 malay girls. Aku, Aishah, Jaja and Ading. And 4 amoi, Ting Fang, Iris, Ai Wei and Ming Hui. So, like it or not, 8 orang ni jela cewek-cewek dalam kelas kami.

 Jaja, Ai Wei, me, Aishah, Ting Fang, Iris and Ming Hui.
 Amoi comel berbaju kurung :)

Masuk 2nd year, baru la ada gabung-gabung kelas dengan seksyen lain. SAP ada 1 seksyen je. SAS 1 seksyen and SAW ada 8 sections. So kami selalu gabung kelas ngan seksyen SAW. Seksyen 2 kot. Aku dah lupa dah. Seksyen 2 ni ada Zura, Min and Izza. Selalu bertemu time kelas tapi kami tak berapa kenal sebab kitorang SAP girls ni tercampak ke kolej lain dari batch civil yang lain. Just Ading je kenal Izza sebab sama sekolah teknik. Selain tu, just senyum-senyum je (aku la tu). Aku ni bukan la ramah orangnya. So memang tak pernah tegur kalau terserempak dorang. Just senyum je.
Semua batch civil intake kitorang duk Kolej Tun Hussein Onn (KTHO) but us, the SAP girls plus the SAS girls tercampak kat Kolej Tun Dr Ismail (KTDI). So obviously, kami ni kalau gi kuliah, tak kenal other civil students. Just kenal our coursemates je. Kat kolej ramai kawan-kawan course lain. Course kimia and cikgu-cikgi. Kalau duk KTHO I guess, my campus life would only revolves around civil students je la. So, mesti la boring kan?

Back to Zura, kitorang kenal masa Khemah Ukur. Masa cuti sem before naik third year. Aku tukar group ukur dan masuk satu group dengan Zura. So malam kami nak naik bas ke Perak tu, baru la aku tegur Zura. And throughout the 11 days of khemah ukur tu, kami berkawan. And a few events yang menyebabkan kami rapat :) Even after khemah ukur, kitorang still rapat hingga la sekarang. Dan kebetulan pulak, sekarang ni Zura kena secondment di RPM, my previous office. Haha.

Dah lama kenal Zura, dia cakap yang mulanya dia rasa aku sombong. Sebab aku ni tak tegur-tegur dorang. Dia cakap kalau Jaja ngan Aishah ada jugak tegur dorang. Ading takyah cerita la. Dia memang ramah dengan semua orang. Kalau aku ni langsung tak. And they addressed me as budak yang pakai kurung kedah sebab aku selalu pakai kurung kedah pergi kelas. Haha. Rupanya somebody talks behind my back walaupun aku tak ambik tahu pun pasal dorang. Hehehe.. Dan setelah kenal masa khemah ukur tu, baru la dia tahu aku ni cemane. Bukan la sombong seperti yang disangka. So people, don't judge people you barely know. You'll give them the wrong impressions. Period.

Group ukur: Soo, Caus, Suzana, Zura & me. Our lecturer, En Md For.

Ading, Izza, Zura, Min, me & Jaja. Dah macam koboi dah. Or pekebun, Hehe

Min, Ading, me & Zura with Hj Khaidzir & En Rosli.

Zura and me kayaking.

Now, after a year kat JKR ni, I sensed myself being less than my normal self. I mean, aku kurang cakap and turned out to be a boring person. Seriously. Maybe the surroundings and the colleagues around me made me be this way. Turned me into a zombie who just goes to work, finish up my works and go home. Bosan tau. Dah jarang nak gelak besar, giggles around and talk a lot. Dan sememangnya, aku bukanlah manusia yang peramah. Memang aku tak reti nak ramah-tamah tegur semua orang yang aku jumpa. Aku senyum je kalau terserempak ngan orang yang aku familiar with. Unless they came and talk to me, baru la aku borak-borak. Bukan aku memilih bulu ke apa, it's just aku ni memang macam ni. So pada sesapa yang nampak aku ni sombong ke apa, I'm not.

OppsieDoppsie: Sombong ke aku?

I'm Friendly,


A Heart-breaking Final

Yep. Spain won the World Cup for the first time. It's their first WC Final and they nailed it. Thanks to Andres Iniesta. The only scorer of the game. 

Me? Not what I'm hoping for. I'm with the Oranje. It's their 3rd WC Finals but still ended in 2nd spot. And of course, for all the matches they have won in this WC campaign, why must they lose in the finals? Ok. I'm a fan in Malaysia is so devastated, I can't imagine their own fans and of course, the players themselves.

And yes, last night's game was full of yellow cards and a red card for the Dutch player. I'd say the ref was a bit "generous" on giving out the cards. Not like the ref in Holland-Uruguay match. He was calmer and relaxed. But what ever it is, the damage has been done. Although Arjen Robben got 2 opportunities in scoring goals for the Dutch, luck wasn't at his side this time around.
And the top scorers, David Villa and Wesley Sneijder didn't stand out in the match. Well guarded by both teams I guess. 

Anyway, hope that Brazil 2014 will be a better chance for the Oranje. 

The Oranje team just before the Final. (Photo from FIFA)

OppsieDoppsie: Paul the octopus will be kept longer in his aquarium for other tournaments. Perhaps.




Angah found this short animation somewhere in youtube. I guess. Dia memang rajin mencari this kind of short animations. Then we'll gather in front of her lappy to watch 'em together. But this one is quite different from the rest. 

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

I hope there's no such shop like this one. Eerie!

OppsieDoppsie: I took this from Angah's blog. Thanx sista! :)

I don't wander off in weird places,


I Need A Break

Totally drained. Emotionally. Actually I'm in the middle of doing my report but I'm tired of doing what I'm doing now. I need a break. 

Tired of all the things around me. Tired of the same ol' routines. Seeing the same people. Doing the same thing. Sitting on the same chair. Hearing the same voices. Working the same job for the past year. 

I need a new environment. New friends. New colleagues. New space. New routines. A new getaway. 

Same ol' same ol',


My Water Moments

Hey. Any Nuffnanger who read the title knows why I'm writing this post. Yep. Surely because of the The All New Sony Cyber-shot TX5. Let's begin the hunt for the Sony TX5 give away!

Tioman Island, 2007

These pictures were taken back in 2007 during my company trip to Tioman Island. It's my first time to Tioman. Everyone were extremely excited especially during the snorkeling session. I must admit, even my home is just 5 minutes  walk from the beach where dad use to take us for a swim every weekend, I'm not a good swimmer. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the trip. Even we're in the open sea, the life jacket gave me one hell of confidence and hell yeah, I snorkeled like a pro! 

 Everyone's geared up for the snorkeling session!

Me and Syida on boat to the snorkeling area. Still excited!

We did feed the fish and it tickles! I remembered sharing the bread with my colleague, Ash to feed the fish. It's my first experience feeding fish with my bare hands. So it was a whole new experience to me. Everyone had a blast!

Me and Ash feeding the fishes. 

Click on the picture to see clearer view of the fishes next to Ash. Cool huh?

Still in the water. Yes, the goggle covered most of my face. Darn!

Taking a KitKat break with Kak Hana and Kak Zatun on boat. All wet.

Later after the snorkeling session, we went to the marine park. We're still all wet. But yet, when we reached the jetty to the marine park, there's a deck. At first I thought I had enough swimming. Plus I'm fried under the sun! But hey, when will I get this opportunity again? So, jump in! We went for a second round of swimming. Everybody loves water right? It's already afternoon and the sun was beaming on our heads. But who cares??

Me and Syida at the jetty to the marine park. You can see the deck behind the guy in the pink boxer(?!)

Taking breath before jumping off the deck together with Peyos, Man and Anep.

This is one of my happy moments in my previous company. As you can see, all of the pictures are taken from a dry place. During snorkeling, I asked my colleagues to snap my pictures from the boat. I guess it will be awesome if I can hold the camera with me and snap the picture of the fishes from underneath the water. I also had to snorkel near to our boat so I can shout to ask for someone to snap my picture. How annoying is that? Shouting at people? So, it will be cool if I can snap the pictures myself and get any angle I like if I'm holding the camera. But yet, my camera was not water-proof. So bad... :(

And the one when we were on the deck. It was snapped from the jetty. Had to zoom for a closer picture. Again I wish it was a water-proof camera so I can bring along on the deck and take better pictures. :((

Ulu Yam Waterfall, 2008

We went here a few times. Just to go back to nature and to be stress free! It's a calming place. I usually went for a picnic with my sister, Ciki, my housemate, Along and my fiancee, Irman. In this one, my brother, Ayi tagged along. 

Ciki, me and Along. Happy faces before soaked in the icy, cold water.

Soaked! I can't stand the cold!

Ciki and Ayi. I'm already off the water!

These pictures were taken with Ayi's  Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot camera phone. Of course we can't take it into the water. Ayi will drown me if I splash his handphone. It's his life! So again, these pictures were taken on a safe ground. See how small we look in the pictures. It will be better if we can get close ups if I had a water-proof camera like the TX5 so at least I can sit on the rocks and snap our pictures together. Again, so bad... :(

Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER) pool, 2007

We used to come here for a swim once a while. At least it is safer for the kids than swimming at the beach. Just 10 minutes drive from our home, it a good place to bring the little ones for splashing fun.

Me posing in front of the kiddies pool. I'm slimmer back then. Oh gosh!

Me and Ciki munched some sandwiches during our take-a-break. All wet. 

Ciki and our niece, Aisyah sharing sandwich. Very hungry after the swim.

Now, the pictures didn't show the fun in the pool. Why? Again because it's not a water-proof camera. Darn. I need Sony TX5 now!!!

Please give me the Sony TX5...

The Girl-in-water Ad.

Now, why do I need to grab this Sony TX5? Let me tell you why. 

Since I'm on my action plan to get slimmer, I should have this World's Slimmest Water-proof Camera so I can get the good slim vibes from the camera. Or not. But at least I feel slimmer :)

And it comes with 5 colors to suit everyone's preference and persona. Green for the Go Green! people who care about mother nature. Pink for the girly girls. Guys can have pink too :). Red for those who aren't scared being under the spotlight. Silver for an elegant look. And last but not least, black for the mysterious type or fit-all-occasion type. My choice? Either red or black :)

One thing we always ask during our survey on cameras are the pixels. This Sony TX5 gross pixels are approximately 10.6 MP with effective pixels of 10.2 MP. So if now you're satisfied with your 3.2 MP Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot handphone camera, wait until you get your hands on this Sony TX5. You'll get a HD upgrade for your pictures. Like Messi said in the commercials, "In HD".

Not only Sony TX5 is water-proof (up to 3 meters), this slimmest water-proof camera is near to indestructible. It is also temperature-proof where you can keep on shooting even below freezing point up to -10 oC. At least I won't worry much if I bring this to Mount Everest (dreaming!).

Not only that, it is also dust-proof. This dust-resistance camera assured you to get spotless images even in dry and dusty area like Mexico! So don't worry if you're somewhere dry and dusty, your pictures will be crystal clear. 

Sony TX5 is also shock-proof. It is designed to allow drops of up to a height of 1.5m, the usual height we hold the camera for photo-taking. This a bonus feature for clumsy people like me. The one who always drop things off. I always drop my handphone. Lucky that my handphone is durable enough to bare the drops. Thanks Sony Ericsson for this tough K500i handphone! :D

These proof-features makes it a combat camera. Why do I say that? Because back when in my cadet years during my ROTU (Reserve Officer Training Unit) in UTM, I own this so-called combat camera. A Kodak camera that only costs me RM95 .Plus 2 rolls of Kodak Royal films. I name it combat camera for its durability in heat, dust, shock and almost water-proof. I used this camera for more than 3 years until I commissioned as a Second Lieutenant back in 2004. I used it in every training sessions and camps. And believe me, it deserved to be called combat camera. 

My so-called combat camera was always in my pouches and wrapped in a plastic bag :) That's why it is almost water-proof because I had to wrap it in plastic bag to make sure it is dry if I had to crawl in puddles or walk in the rain. And it had captured many memories of me and my own band of brothers. And I guess this is it. This Sony TX5 is every soldiers dream camera. The tough camera. The combat camera. (Now I'm promoting Sony TX5 to soldiers!) :)

Our own band of brothers: The ladies team. 1st place for Rentas Halangan.

Our own band of brothers: Men team. 1st place for Rentas Halangan

And if this TX5 is produced 10 years prior, I'm sure I'd captured more beautiful moments during those combat days. But hey, I still can use it now. Or for my honeymoon next year. We planned to have our honeymoon on an island. That will be my another water moment then XD

Now that I have give out some of the main extra features of Sony TX5, you guys should grab this with the standard retail price of RM1,499.00 that is cheap comparing to what it had to offer. To dig more information, go to Sony's website here. Do read the tiny prints so that you  don't blame Sony if things go wrong :)

OppsieDoppsie: It's my first attempt to participate in Nuffnang give aways :))



Spot The Difference!

Ok guys. Between Pic A and Pic B, spot the difference. Kalau rasa nak extra detail, do click on the pics. Macam tak biasa kan. Just cari one obvious difference je. Tak perlu klik gambar pun dah nampak.

Actually gambar ni masa bulan 3 hari tu. Dah lama dah. Baru terjumpa dalam memory card. Bila tengok, mak eh! Ada perbezaan ketara kat 2 gambar ni!!

Well.. I guess you've found it. Pic A is me and Pic B is my youngest sister, Irah. Kalau tengok Pic A, aku di kejauhan boleh dilihat dengan jelas sekali. Objek hitam duk bermain layang-layang. Angle tepi tapi nampak macam the picture taken from front angle. Sama lebar je tepi dan depan. T.T Pic B pulak nampak Irah main layang-layang dengan poyo sekali. Panjang dan nipis je dari angle tepi.

Tapi sepatutnya memang tak patut compare pun anak gajah dengan anak zirafah. Aku ni pendek dan lebar. Irah pulak tinggi dan kurus kering. Berat 40kg je. So, memang unjust comparison la ni. Hehe.. Nak jugak sedapkan hati. 

Tapi... Last week timbang, berat dah naik!!! Biasa cecah 50kg je. Hari tu scale tu tertera 51.6kg. Bila bundar dah jadi 52kg. Amma!!! Apesal makin naik ni?? Harus pergiat usaha bersenam lepas ni. Huh..

Ok la. Let's forget the fat issue for a while. Enjoy some of the pictures!

The pregnant wife and the husband

Aisyah, Mursyid, Sasa and Irah.

Mursyid, peminat Justin Bieber yang poyos..

The kite :)

OppsieDoppsie: I just adore beaches. Not b*tches :p