Angah found this short animation somewhere in youtube. I guess. Dia memang rajin mencari this kind of short animations. Then we'll gather in front of her lappy to watch 'em together. But this one is quite different from the rest. 

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

I hope there's no such shop like this one. Eerie!

OppsieDoppsie: I took this from Angah's blog. Thanx sista! :)

I don't wander off in weird places,


amla said...

mcm nk name aku..hahaha

wanyusnira said...

tau xpe.. ko jgn ilang mcm tu dah la.. sian ard nnt.. hehe

nadiah,wan said...

comei..geram tgk!!

wanyusnira said...

memang comei sebenarnye scary giler!