I Need A Break

Totally drained. Emotionally. Actually I'm in the middle of doing my report but I'm tired of doing what I'm doing now. I need a break. 

Tired of all the things around me. Tired of the same ol' routines. Seeing the same people. Doing the same thing. Sitting on the same chair. Hearing the same voices. Working the same job for the past year. 

I need a new environment. New friends. New colleagues. New space. New routines. A new getaway. 

Same ol' same ol',


mrs. rahman said...

mmg boring.. never thought 'this' working life will be sooo boring.. same here kermit. dah fed-up dah ni

wanyusnira said...

yep. tak larat nak menghadapi hari-hari yang sama ni. living in a circular motion. duh!