My Water Moments

Hey. Any Nuffnanger who read the title knows why I'm writing this post. Yep. Surely because of the The All New Sony Cyber-shot TX5. Let's begin the hunt for the Sony TX5 give away!

Tioman Island, 2007

These pictures were taken back in 2007 during my company trip to Tioman Island. It's my first time to Tioman. Everyone were extremely excited especially during the snorkeling session. I must admit, even my home is just 5 minutes  walk from the beach where dad use to take us for a swim every weekend, I'm not a good swimmer. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the trip. Even we're in the open sea, the life jacket gave me one hell of confidence and hell yeah, I snorkeled like a pro! 

 Everyone's geared up for the snorkeling session!

Me and Syida on boat to the snorkeling area. Still excited!

We did feed the fish and it tickles! I remembered sharing the bread with my colleague, Ash to feed the fish. It's my first experience feeding fish with my bare hands. So it was a whole new experience to me. Everyone had a blast!

Me and Ash feeding the fishes. 

Click on the picture to see clearer view of the fishes next to Ash. Cool huh?

Still in the water. Yes, the goggle covered most of my face. Darn!

Taking a KitKat break with Kak Hana and Kak Zatun on boat. All wet.

Later after the snorkeling session, we went to the marine park. We're still all wet. But yet, when we reached the jetty to the marine park, there's a deck. At first I thought I had enough swimming. Plus I'm fried under the sun! But hey, when will I get this opportunity again? So, jump in! We went for a second round of swimming. Everybody loves water right? It's already afternoon and the sun was beaming on our heads. But who cares??

Me and Syida at the jetty to the marine park. You can see the deck behind the guy in the pink boxer(?!)

Taking breath before jumping off the deck together with Peyos, Man and Anep.

This is one of my happy moments in my previous company. As you can see, all of the pictures are taken from a dry place. During snorkeling, I asked my colleagues to snap my pictures from the boat. I guess it will be awesome if I can hold the camera with me and snap the picture of the fishes from underneath the water. I also had to snorkel near to our boat so I can shout to ask for someone to snap my picture. How annoying is that? Shouting at people? So, it will be cool if I can snap the pictures myself and get any angle I like if I'm holding the camera. But yet, my camera was not water-proof. So bad... :(

And the one when we were on the deck. It was snapped from the jetty. Had to zoom for a closer picture. Again I wish it was a water-proof camera so I can bring along on the deck and take better pictures. :((

Ulu Yam Waterfall, 2008

We went here a few times. Just to go back to nature and to be stress free! It's a calming place. I usually went for a picnic with my sister, Ciki, my housemate, Along and my fiancee, Irman. In this one, my brother, Ayi tagged along. 

Ciki, me and Along. Happy faces before soaked in the icy, cold water.

Soaked! I can't stand the cold!

Ciki and Ayi. I'm already off the water!

These pictures were taken with Ayi's  Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot camera phone. Of course we can't take it into the water. Ayi will drown me if I splash his handphone. It's his life! So again, these pictures were taken on a safe ground. See how small we look in the pictures. It will be better if we can get close ups if I had a water-proof camera like the TX5 so at least I can sit on the rocks and snap our pictures together. Again, so bad... :(

Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER) pool, 2007

We used to come here for a swim once a while. At least it is safer for the kids than swimming at the beach. Just 10 minutes drive from our home, it a good place to bring the little ones for splashing fun.

Me posing in front of the kiddies pool. I'm slimmer back then. Oh gosh!

Me and Ciki munched some sandwiches during our take-a-break. All wet. 

Ciki and our niece, Aisyah sharing sandwich. Very hungry after the swim.

Now, the pictures didn't show the fun in the pool. Why? Again because it's not a water-proof camera. Darn. I need Sony TX5 now!!!

Please give me the Sony TX5...

The Girl-in-water Ad.

Now, why do I need to grab this Sony TX5? Let me tell you why. 

Since I'm on my action plan to get slimmer, I should have this World's Slimmest Water-proof Camera so I can get the good slim vibes from the camera. Or not. But at least I feel slimmer :)

And it comes with 5 colors to suit everyone's preference and persona. Green for the Go Green! people who care about mother nature. Pink for the girly girls. Guys can have pink too :). Red for those who aren't scared being under the spotlight. Silver for an elegant look. And last but not least, black for the mysterious type or fit-all-occasion type. My choice? Either red or black :)

One thing we always ask during our survey on cameras are the pixels. This Sony TX5 gross pixels are approximately 10.6 MP with effective pixels of 10.2 MP. So if now you're satisfied with your 3.2 MP Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot handphone camera, wait until you get your hands on this Sony TX5. You'll get a HD upgrade for your pictures. Like Messi said in the commercials, "In HD".

Not only Sony TX5 is water-proof (up to 3 meters), this slimmest water-proof camera is near to indestructible. It is also temperature-proof where you can keep on shooting even below freezing point up to -10 oC. At least I won't worry much if I bring this to Mount Everest (dreaming!).

Not only that, it is also dust-proof. This dust-resistance camera assured you to get spotless images even in dry and dusty area like Mexico! So don't worry if you're somewhere dry and dusty, your pictures will be crystal clear. 

Sony TX5 is also shock-proof. It is designed to allow drops of up to a height of 1.5m, the usual height we hold the camera for photo-taking. This a bonus feature for clumsy people like me. The one who always drop things off. I always drop my handphone. Lucky that my handphone is durable enough to bare the drops. Thanks Sony Ericsson for this tough K500i handphone! :D

These proof-features makes it a combat camera. Why do I say that? Because back when in my cadet years during my ROTU (Reserve Officer Training Unit) in UTM, I own this so-called combat camera. A Kodak camera that only costs me RM95 .Plus 2 rolls of Kodak Royal films. I name it combat camera for its durability in heat, dust, shock and almost water-proof. I used this camera for more than 3 years until I commissioned as a Second Lieutenant back in 2004. I used it in every training sessions and camps. And believe me, it deserved to be called combat camera. 

My so-called combat camera was always in my pouches and wrapped in a plastic bag :) That's why it is almost water-proof because I had to wrap it in plastic bag to make sure it is dry if I had to crawl in puddles or walk in the rain. And it had captured many memories of me and my own band of brothers. And I guess this is it. This Sony TX5 is every soldiers dream camera. The tough camera. The combat camera. (Now I'm promoting Sony TX5 to soldiers!) :)

Our own band of brothers: The ladies team. 1st place for Rentas Halangan.

Our own band of brothers: Men team. 1st place for Rentas Halangan

And if this TX5 is produced 10 years prior, I'm sure I'd captured more beautiful moments during those combat days. But hey, I still can use it now. Or for my honeymoon next year. We planned to have our honeymoon on an island. That will be my another water moment then XD

Now that I have give out some of the main extra features of Sony TX5, you guys should grab this with the standard retail price of RM1,499.00 that is cheap comparing to what it had to offer. To dig more information, go to Sony's website here. Do read the tiny prints so that you  don't blame Sony if things go wrong :)

OppsieDoppsie: It's my first attempt to participate in Nuffnang give aways :))



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