My 13 Minutes Survey

Salam semua!
Pepagi ni nak menyelesaikan hutang dari Kerul. Heheh.. Mari mari..
My Countless Minutes Survey

Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Person who tagged : Kerul
Starting time : 7:55 am

Name : Yus
Full name : Wan Yusnira Wan Jusoh
Sibling(s) : 7
Eye colour :Black
Shoe size : Depends. Most of the time is 6. But can be 7 or 8 at times.
Hair :Black
Height : 153cm

What are you wearing right now : Baju tidur
Where do you live : Kuala Terengganu
Favourite number : 6
Favourite drink :Milo
Favourite month : September la kot.
Favourite breakfast :  Milo & roti

******-Have you ever-******
Broken a bone : No
Been in a police car :Never
Fallen for a friend : A few
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Yes
Swam in the ocean : Yes
Fallen asleep in school :No
Broken someone's heart : I did?
Cried when someone died : Yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : No
Saved e-mails : No
Been cheated on : Never

Your room looks like : Disaster
What is right beside you : Catalogue
What is the last thing you ate : Cekodok

******-Ever Had-******
Chicken pox : Yep
Sore throat :Just a few days ago
Stitches : Nope
Broken nose :Nope

******-Do You-******
Believe in love at first sight : Depends who is at sight
Like picnics? : YES!

Who did you last yell at? : Anak-anak buah
Who was the last person you danced with? : No one
Who last made you smile? : Aziz Hazmi in his video for Hanis Zalikha just now

******-Final Questions-******
What are you listening to right now? : Bunyi kipas
What did you do today? : Woke up, solat, surf internet
Are you the oldest?  : No
Indoors or outdoors? : Both

******-Today did you-******
Talk to someone you like? : Yes
Kiss anyone? : No
Sing? : No
Talk to an ex? : Not for ages
Miss someone ? : Yes
Eat? : Not yet

******-Last person who-******
You talked to on the phone? : Irman
Made you cry? : Movie/drama
Went to the movies with? : Irman & Ayie
You went to the mall with?  : Irman, Mak, Ayie, Chiki, Shuk, Budriz
Who cheered you up? : My loved ones

******-Have you-******
Been to Mexico? : Never
Been to USA? : Never

Have a crush on someone? : Of course!
What books are you reading right now? : No books. Just mags
Best feeling in the world? : Getting married soon :)
Future kids name? : Hannah kot
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : A rabbit named MasriMasro (Malay name for MashiMaro)
What's under your bed? : You have no idea!
Favourite sport(s) :Football
Favourite place : Home
Who do you really hate? : A few. Not to be named.
Do you have a job? :Yes I do
What time is it now? : 8:08 am

p/s : With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _____ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people

So I tag: Puan Nadiah, Puan Alissa, Kak AA, Man Yusoef, Cik Baz, Syaz, Ainismara dan sape-sape yang membaca. Tak larat nak tag semua 15.



man yusoef said...

dah penah buat benda ni..hehe

wanyusnira said...

ohhoo.. nampak sangat tak abis geledah blog man.. teehee!

Lisa Hz said...

oh da kene tag pulak today. bnyk sgt draft ni, ntah ble la nk smpai turn tagging ni.. haihh..

happi weekend yus!

syaz :) said...

ta boleh nk copy ponn. huk2.
cmne ni??

wanyusnira said...

Lisa: hehe.. buat bile sempat nnt.. hehe

syaz: alamak! akak lupe akak disable right copy.. syaz g blog kwn akak yg tag akak tu, kerul.. boleh copy kt ctu n jenguk2 blog die skali :)

nadiah said...

hoho. dh setup nak buat, tp tak terbuat2 lagi. aduyai!

wanyusnira said...

pn nad bz dgn isu2 ibu mengandung.. hehe.. xpe2.. take ur time dear!