Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis


I guess most Nuffnangers & Churpers read about this contest by Maxis. So, I guess I'm going to try my luck and join this contest.

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Now, I'm not an iPhone user and let alone using iPad. So, I'm not so familiar with iPad Apps. So, I googled and learn about the existing Apps. And they are very interesting. Seriously. 

I love scrapbooks. If any of you watch New In Town starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. you guys would remember those folks in that little town love to make scrapbooks. I love those scrapbooks! I used to go to art stores in One Utama which they sell scrapbook thingies and even the starter kits. And yes they are costly. Darn.

So I make digital scrapbooks which is quite unconventional but yet still can help to satisfy my need for scrapbooks. Usually I use online digital scrapbook, Scrapblog or digital scrapbook software, Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist which I can get free download. So, it's cheaper and I can have them printed out.

So, this gave me an idea to create an app for iPad. An app for scrapbookers  junkies on the go. An app so scrapbookers can start doing their scrapbooks while waiting for the bus or train or in flight or wherever, whenever.

Presenting..... iScrapbook!


Now. I took most of the layout & presentation from digital scrapbook software that I used. But the idea is to have an app for scrapbookers on the go. Which means, you can create your scrapbook anytime, anywhere. And lucky enough that we have WiFi modem provided by Maxis, you can easily download photos, embellishments, updates plus upload your finished scrapbooks anytime. Kudos Maxis for the iPad Plans!!

Maxis iPad Plan

Ok. Let's talk about this iScrapbook App. iScrapbook will be similar to most digital scrapbook software in store but thanks to the touchscreen technology that made iPad different and "personal", iScrapbook will have slight differences from any other digital scrapbook software.

I will explain this with some images to make you understand iScrapbook better.

Once you pick the app, you will go to the screen in Exhibit A where you pick on whether to start a new, open existing files or back to the main menu. I will explain in the context of starting a new project.

Exhibit A

Once you pick NEW, you will come to the menu on what kind of project you want to create. See Exhibit B.

Exhibit B

Now, we pick on SCRAPBOOK. Then the next display will be the platform where you start your scrapbook. See Exhibit C.

Exhibit C

From Exhibit C, we can see the sub menu on the left. It indicates on what you want to put in your scrapbook. You can grab photos from the files in your iPad or download them from your facebook/Photobucket/flickr/etc accounts online. Don't forget the WiFi modems by Maxis ok! Not limited to photos only, embellishments, backgrounds and videos can be downloaded from the world wide web too. So easy!

I'll show an example of using embellishments for your scrapbook. Once you pick the EMBELLISHMENT menu, thumbnails of embellishment types will be displayed. See Exhibit D.

Exhibit D

Here comes the magic of touchscreen. All you need to do in picking the embellishment is to slide your finger across the screen. No more mouse and the clicking sound! See Exhibit E.

Exhibit E

Now that you picked a type, the next display will be a variety of embellishments from the type you picked earlier. i.e Floral. See Exhibit F.

Exhibit F

Now, choose an embellishment and you will go back to the design platform. See Exhibit G.

Exhibit G

Now that you have your embellishment, you might want to resize it. The normal software requires you to resize with your mouse, but with iPad you just need your fingers to do the work. You can adjust the size with your bare hand. Literally. See Exhibit H.

Exhibit H

And now comes to the fun part. When you use digital scrapbook software, you get to turn and rotate embellishments in 360 degrees. And yes, those are in 2D version. Now that every movie is in 3D, I think this should be applicable in iScrapbook too. I saw in an existing iPad apps, The Elements where you can rotate the elements 360 degrees in 3D! This is fun!!! See Exhibit I, J and K.

Exhibit I

Exhibit J

Exhibit K

See what I mean? Now, here comes the personal part. Using a digital brush in Paint is not my expertise. I can only draw boxes and circles in digital form. But with this touchscreen technology, everyone have the opportunity to draw and brush like professional animators and painters in Disney/Pixar studio! See Exhibit L.

Exhibit L

And now, instead of using the existing Font for TEXTS menu, you can write with your own handwriting! No need to send your handwriting to be converted into fonts anymore because you can write directly on iPad. And oh yes, digital scrapbooks can be personal again. Not just "digital" and robot-like. Want proof? See Exhibit M.

Exhibit M

Now, the finished product can be sent to printers. As usual. I have some of my digital scrapbooks printed out. You can view it here,

For those who are interested about Maxis iPad plans, you can get more info at this link:

And me, I really do hope someone can invent iScrapbook for us. Oh yes, I did make a video on iScrapbook. (So that it seemed like a real iPad App. Teehee..) Enjoy!

My iPad Apps: iScrapbook from wan yusnira on Vimeo.

And yes, most of the templates and layouts are taken from Scrapblog & Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist. And I did all the images from Exhibit A - M using Scrapblog. Seriously. I hope whoever that will take my idea to build iScrapbook to create a better layout and templates. And don't forget to mention my name! :p

Finger crossed,


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