So Sorry..

Seriously, memang sangat malas nak update fb. Let alone blogging. Dah bersawang dah. Ni pun terhegeh-hegeh menaip kat henpon.

Memang banyak benda perlu update since feb. And I don't even know where to start.

Kontrak di JKR: All CFS contracts will be extended until end of 2011 only.

I didn't get both interviews by SPA. Just because my degree majoring in Construction Management. Crap. Both Pengarah & Timbalan said it was just a lousy excuse since there wasn't much post to offer.

Transfer to KL: Not approved yet. Baru call KL last week and baru tahu pegawai yang uruskan hal pertukaran dah tukar. Tak pasal-pasal aku kena resend permohonan sebab katanya susah nak retrieve permohonan aku sebelum ni. Aku dah apply since last year. Takkan takde fail kot???? Tak ISO langsung. Another crap.

Now, I'm updating my cv, back to square one, jobhunting. Maybe if I get a better offer then I'll leave. No point in waiting. Since after this there will be at least 600 ex-CFS will go on a jobhunting spree, I don't wanna be the last in the pack.

So, life will start all over again. No more lazy bums sitting in the office all day long.

Jobhunter. Again.

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Lisa Hz said...

this is a common thing when a blogger getting married. lps ni kalo ada rezki, u get pregnant, 40x lg malas nk update blog hoke! haha..

i experienced the same thing yus =p lps faheem 4,5 bulan kut bru start blogging blk =D nway take care yus! miss u in FB :p

wanyusnira said...

Seriuosly lissa, memang sangat malas nak menulis. even bloghopping pun dah tak. guess maybe after everything settled down baru la ada mood kot..

hehehe.. fb pun bukak sekejap2 jek.. ;p

Anonymous said...

Appreaciate for the work you have put into the post, this helps clear up some questions I had.

English tips said...

Hello my dear friend, do not forget to update your beautiful blog, greetings of Carlos from Brazil.

wanyusnira said...

Hi Carlos. I'll be updating soon. Dont worry :)