Asal Usul Hari Ibu


This is ironic. I just posted a Mother's Day post and look what I found when I browse my fb wall???

Those two articles xhared the same content but what made me feel like "Yikes!" was the image in the second article.

The Image

It was the same image I used in my Mother's Day post just now. How ironic. And what a coincidence.

Anyhow, I haven't read the link in the article yet. But I agree that there shouldn't be any specific day to celebrate your mother. She is someone you should cherish all the time. And love your mother unconditionally. Don't make her cry or sad cause you'll never know when she'll be leaving you.

p.s: To friends and readers who had lost their mothers, it's not celebrating them during their life that really counts but the prayers and doa that you keep sending them after they are gone that keep them at peace. Your love doesn't stop once they are gone. So don't stop sending those prayers.

OppsieDoppsie: A reminder to myself: My mum is not getting any younger each day, but she keeps aging with every second passing by.


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