Entering Twenty Thirteen


Well, it's already 2013. Sekejap je masa berjalan. Hujung bulan ni Hannah dah masuk setahun. Baru nak tumbuh gigi :)

2012 wasn't a great year for me. Minus Hannah, the others just fell apart. So, I'm hoping for a better year ahead. InsyaAllah.

The last few weeks were the most unhappy moment of my life. Working life; I just hit the bottom end. Getting the news of being transferred to another unit, knowing my performance result, it did give me something to ponder about. It made me to think more about my next move and focus on my career planning.

Throughout the year, Hannah asyik demam. Since June, she was taken for blood test for three times. The latest was last month and the result showed there were some infection but it wasn't serious and not to worry about. I took unpaid leave almost every month, three to five days to take care of Hannah at home. Bukan mudah nak jaga anak tengah membesar and of course, every mother would prefer to take care of their own child by themselves when they are not well. Kalau boleh nak berenti kerja time tu jugak jaga anak fulltime! Seriously, sape yang nak bagi strangers jaga anak dorang? Kalau dah terpaksa, dengan hati yang berat kami tinggalkan anak bawah jagaan pengasuh or nurseries.

Dan bila Hannah asyik demam, we tried to find out the source of the problem. Nak kata nursery, selsema tu dah macam common thing at nurseries. Hannah pun kadang-kadang selsema tapi tak lama and bukan jenis yang meleleh berhingus tu. Other kids takde pulak selalu demam macam Hannah. Until one day it came to me that we should relocate to a better house with better and cleaner surroundings. Our current house at Bandar Sunway was not as clean and hygienic for babies. So, bermulalah misi mencari rumah sewa baru. Our target place is Puchong. Trust me, it's not easy to find a good home within our specific budget. Jumpa rumah yang bagus tapi dah ada orang booking. Jumpa yang within our budget tapi jauh and the condition of the house was not well-maintained. Dah banyak rumah kami pergi tengok and it lasted for months to complete the mission.

Until 2 days ago, kami pergi tengok rumah di Bandar Kinrara. Dalam iklan seems okay and well kept. But the owner insists interested parties to check out the house first before calling in. So kami pun pergi la tinjau rumah tu lepas kerja. Then we understood on why she asked us to check the house first. It was in Indian community area. Ada kuil besar at the end of the street and a SRJK(T) nearby. So kami pun berkata "Patut la...". During our search for that house, aku terbaca iklan house for rent at Bukit Puchong. Baru je iklan for about an hour prior. So alang-alang dah kat Puchong kami pun ke sana. The location was nearer to Putrajaya compared to KL. Dah jumpa rumah tu, seems good and spacious. Dalam iklan pun tengok kat dapur dah siap ada kabinet and ada bedroom built-in wardrobe. So bincang-bincang dengan Irman and we decided to call the owner and arranged for viewing the next day (yesterday).

So semalam, as promised we reached the house at 3. Tuan rumah belum sampai. So aku call hp yang ada kat board kat rumah dia. They said they'll be there within 5 minutes. So kami pun duk berkira-kira dengan kawasan sekeliling. Very quiet and calming. Rumah tu dah di hujung taman. So rumah tu mengadap a mainroad to another housing area kat belakang sana. Tapi bukanlah mainroad tu betul-betul depan rumah tu. So tidaklah mengadap rumah orang lain. Tak lama lepas tu muncul la tuan rumah. Malay couple in their 50s. Bonus point sebab sebelum ni semua rumah kami tengok ownernya Chinese.

So kami pun masuk ke dalam lepas bersalam-salaman. The house was well kept. Previously, a lady and her mom occupied the house, so takde la rumah tu jahanam sangat. It was spacious and airy. Banyak tingkap and banyak cahaya masuk. The owner is still fixing a few things here and there, but overall it was good. So, bincang punya bincang, kami pun bersetuju and terus bayar deposit. Gembira teramat. Finally our months of searching and scouting for a new house ended. We had the keys and by now, we'll move some of our things beransur-ansur. By February, we'll move in completely since we still have another month to stay at our current house. We need to give a month notice before we move out. So next step is to pack our things up. Fuhhh... berpeluh ketiak sebut pasal pack and unpack nih. Brace yourself!

So, hoping that this new year will bring a better chance, rezeki yang bertambah and kehidupan yang lebih baik, InsyaAllah. Harapnya Hannah akan kurang demam once we move in to the new house. Hope I'll be learning more in the new unit and if Allah's willing, for us CFS to get the permanent post in JKR. InsyaAllah.

Baru bangun tidur.

p.s: Kontrak kami sambung setahun lagi until 31.12.2013. Alhamdulillah.

A new hope perhaps?

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