Twenty Fourteen


Already in 2014. Another year has passed and now welcoming another new year. My new year resolutions? Never had any. I don't believe in making resolutions every single year if it's the same thing from last year and you couldn't achieve it. And you don't have to wait for a new year to set your goals in life. Just be better than before in what ever you do.

Let's rewind some of my favourite candid moments throughout 2013.

Di suatu pagi. Lupa dah nak ke mana. Tapi tak sangka camera 3MP aku tu mampu tangkap cahaya pagi tu cenggini :)

Tokwan & Hannah at Penang. Di rumah Abg Yie masa pergi daftar Irah di UiTM Penang.

Makan Time is Happy Time!! At CRS TSquare with Mami & Ayah

Hannah & her two grandpas. Hannah tertidur atas bahu Tokwan just before sampai rumah Atok. Then terjaga nak duduk dengan Tokwan. Taknak dengan Atok. Kesian Atok.

That nosy little kid. Upon reaching Irah's college. Si Hannah sibuk bertenggek kat tengah tu macam reti baca signboard --"

The only time we managed to keep her hair tied while out and about. Tangan berplaster sebab suka garu sampai berdarah-darah.

Shopping in Daiso

A few others are still in my phone. Some using Instax. Belum cari album sesuai lagi nak simpan all those photos. 

Well... Happy new years boys and girls! Have a great year ahead!


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